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Leading with Tech-savvy: A Guide to Managing a High-Performing Tech Team of 50


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Managing a team of 50 employees in a tech company can be a challenging task, but with the right mindset and tools, it can also be extremely rewarding. As a manager, it's important to educate yourself constantly and invest in personal development. This can include taking courses, reading industry publications and attending business events.


Additionally, having a coach or mentor can be invaluable in providing guidance and support as you navigate the unique challenges of managing a team in the tech industry. These individuals can offer insight into best practices and help you develop your leadership skills.


When it comes to hiring tech specialists, it's important to carefully evaluate candidates to ensure they have the skills and experience necessary to excel in your organization. Setting clear goals and expectations is also important, as it provides employees with direction and helps them understand how their work contributes to the success of the company.


Performance management is another critical aspect of managing a team of 50 employees. Regular performance reviews can help identify areas for improvement and provide employees with feedback on their work. Additionally, offering opportunities for salary renegotiation and promotion can help incentivize employees to perform at their best.


Recognizing and rewarding the achievements of your top performers is also important. This can help create a culture of success and motivate other employees to perform at their best. Consider offering awards or other forms of recognition to employees who consistently go above and beyond.


Finally, building relationships with professional associations and the media can help you share knowledge with others in the industry and promote your company's brand. Consider participating at events and offering interviews to share your expertise and build your reputation as a thought leader in the tech industry. By investing in yourself and your team, you can build a thriving organization that attracts top talent and achieves long-term success.

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Stella Ekogbulu

Mindset & Culture Coach 

``I have known Lavinia since 2019 and what drew me to her was her deep interest in personal development and quest for self improvement.  She has always had a strong desire to share her experience to help young ladies build a career in IT, therefore I am not surprised that she has written this great ebook on management best practices.


This ebook is well referred to make it an easy read with great insight and information.  Lavinia shares her thoughts from her wealth of experience on a wide range of challenges that managers face in leading their teams.

I highly recommend this ebook for anyone either aspiring to become a manager or is currently in a leadership position. You will learn all you need to excel in that position, some of which you may not find in typical management books because Lavinia wants the reader to learn from her practical experience, not theory. I enjoyed reading and learning from it.``


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